All the world's a stage

The part you play on the stage is down to you ! We like to think we make the magic , although rarley seen the stage crew and the backstage managers are a vital part of the play without them there would be no stage.

Craftsmen and women throughout the ages have handed the stage craft down to the next generation of peformers. we are an independant company that employes freelancers, scenic carpenters flymen and crew in our workshops.

we build sets and props for varous theatre companies and galleries around the country helping with design and build.




kern baby

Based at the Royal Ordnance Depot we can build almost anything you need, as you look through this site you will see some of our work most in association with designers and theatres you may already know. I could sit here with long list of famous names that will no doubt impress you, however we like to shout about the set designs and builds that we help really punch above their weight. this build by stafford gatehouse for their shakespeare season was brilliant.






Faye Claridge the artist that installed the kern baby at Compton Verney art gallery started of the journey for this traditional craft, we made and installed it at three venus over the last two years before returning it home to whalton ,Faye's inital idea was based upon an original photo taken in the early part of the 1900's. Just a fantastic experience to be involved in, the little village of whalton were so enthusatic and welcoming, great community art.