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Working from my workshops at The Royal Ordnance Depot in weedon ,i am making all aspects of boat manufacture and repair, i have recently acquired the moulds for a trailerable narrowboat , called the Mallard. Made in the late 1980s by The White Horse boat company

The Mallard a 23 ft long narrowboat made from grp , weighing 2200kg this little boat was designed to fit on a trailer and be towed to the canals and rivers with little effort.

Researching a boat from predigital days has been very interesting , so i know very little about the 40 or so boats made ,some were stretched to 38ft some smaller.

If you have any information photos or memories of these boats please get in touch and share.

I am hoping to have the prototype ready for spring next year and launch it on the river Avon at Stratford. i am under no illusion how much money and time this will take , and i am quite happy making one or two every year.

The shop will stock the parts required to diy this boat as a sail away.

Our workshop will be making internal panels and kitchens and bathroom cabinets for this and other narrowboats and cruisers.

The blog will be following all the aspects of manufacture and the progress i am making with this project.



  • Strong GRP construction
  • Trailerable
  • bespoke interiors
  • Sail away for DIY
  • Complete Online guide
  • Easy Fix and Repair
  • gelcoat finish
  • all parts from the uk
  • no mooring required
  • no blacking
  • Billions of colours
  • Dedicated online shop
  • Collection and Delivery service
  • Breakdown
  • Repair and service
  • Boat seller
  • A lot more …
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