windows and doors

Along with many other features the mallard will fitted as standard with caldwell windows

Framed Windows

“Clip-in and thermal break framed windows are industry-leading window designs which can be installed in a variety of vehicles. These styles offer the same design choices as the other styles but come with a wide range of benefits. For example, clip-in framed windows and thermal break windows can all be enhanced with double-glazing to keep your boat warm and comfortable.

Thermal break windows also work to eliminate condensation on the window, meaning that you don’t need to worry about limited visibility. Clip in windows also allow you to easily remove or replace the windowpane itself, while leaving the frame in place. This means you can remove the window to enjoy truly effective ventilation throughout your vehicle or as a means of escape in emergencies.”

other styles of windows are available including new and used    the doors will be made in the workshop from solid oak ,with glass panels.


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