The New Year 2021

As the new year approaches the effects coronavirus and brexit bite, a lot of my suppliers have been warning about increases to the imported parts and products we are using, i have avoided putting a price the mallard as i knew these increases would happen so i have been making plans and buying stock before this takes effect, this will insure that i can absorb any increases that may come , i am hoping that it will be a short term effect but nobody really knows.

For the first year i will be limiting the amount of boats for sale, will be building more but only selling four or five , so i can stay under the VAT threshold and absorbing the all the vat and increases, Saving 20% on the purchase price of your,this will be the equivalent of about two years running costs of your boat. and using the extra space i have acquired to make doors and internal oak fitting for other boaters,allowing the workshops to maintain a optimal productive capacity.

I intend to invest in a hire fleet to allow non boat owners to enjoy the waterways , and as they do i ,hopefully we as i am looking for investors will be marketing the business brand and generating sales and income for next year, this extra income  will allow me to keep workshops profitable as the business grows.

I’ve been in manufacturing businesses for around 30 years in Birmingham.  I was the production manager of bocock george and harvey , an old navigation light maker that made lights for many famous ships, when we had an manufacturing industry . working through the company from the shop floor. when they closed the doors, i started my own business making lighting. That’s all in the pasted now, and the bright new future awaits . I plan to have a great new year of positivity and peace with the people i love. please join me, you will be more than welcome.

Happy New Year

choosing your mallard

The unique design of Mallard narrowboat pushes the envelope of its niche, the elegance of a traditional narrowboat and the ease of a river cruiser , after having owned many boats and using them on the avon river and the  severn, narrowboats and river cruisers, i knew the moment i saw the mallard it had great potential , owning the moulds for this boat allows me to sell everything from just the shell, to a completely fitted out boat, if you are like me than you would want to build your own, knowing you can order all the parts with ease.

having total control of the design of your boat , where the windows will be what engine or electrical motor you have , or the diesel heater , log burner do you want a bigger kitchen or a shower ,are all big decisions.